A simple GUI for ac3fix.exe



GUI for ac3fix

A very simple and easy to use GUI for the popular command line program 'ac3fix.exe'
Simply select file to open, select a destination to save it to and hit the process button.
Ac3fix.exe will then be executed for you.
Unlike the command line program the GUI lets you use long file names and names with spaces in.

Simply extract both files to any directory and run ac3gui.exe

Download now AC3FIX GUI
(307kb zip archive requires Winrar/Winzip)

How to use

1. select original file
2. enter a file name for new file
3. hit the process button and a dos prompt should appear like so..




BTW make sure you have enough hard drive space because if you run out the program will simply exit without any indication and you might end up with 3/4 of the audio!

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